The Following is a synopsis of emergency procedures at McMillan. Please be sure you are familiar with this sheet.

Emergency Information: Parents must be sure to fill out an emergency contact card in the office. We will use the card in a full evacuation situation to release students. We will only release students to those listed on the card.

School Closure: Only the Superintendent or his designee has the authority to close school.

Meeting Place Outside: In a school evacuation the principal will be stationed at the flagpole to receive reports and to coordinate with the police, the fire department, and parents.

Alternate Shelter: McMillan’s alternate shelter is the Murray Utah South Stake Center of the LDS church at 5735 South Fashion Boulevard.

Evacuation: At the fire alarm or other signal students will exit the building through their assigned exit doors, unless those doors are hot or blocked. In that case they are to proceed to the closest doors that are clear. Teachers are to take a class list and their emergency kits with them outside. All lights are to be turned off and doors are to be closed as the last student exits. Teachers are to take roll and report any missing students to the principal immediately by runner. No one is to reenter the building until the all clear is sounded either by announcement on the intercom, by runner, or by bull horn.

Full Evacuation: If the building cannot be used we will relocate to an alternate shelter in inclement weather, or will set up a student check out point on the back playground. If the students are to be kept at the school we will take all student to the back of the school along the fence. If we relocate to the alternate shelter a check out point will be set up inside the southeast foyer of the church building. If the superintendent decides that schools should be closed announcements will be made over the radio and on television. Students will only be released to their parents or to a designated person on the emergency card. Students who remain until the end of the regular school day will be allowed to walk home if the situation is safe. If not, they will remain until they are released to parents or emergency contacts. Staff members will remain at the school or the alternate shelter until all students have gone home or been placed in the care of responsible adults.

Emergency Plan: All teachers have the Murray City School District emergency plan booklet posted in their classroom. This plan outlines steps and procedures used in such emergency situations as fire, chemical spills, civil disturbances, severe storms power outages, gas leaks, environmental pollution, explosions, earthquakes, hostile intruders, and bomb threats, Although the response inside the school is different in each of these cases the evacuation procedures are the same. You are welcome to review the plan.