Effective schools are a result of families and school staff working together to ensure that children are successful in school. A learning compact is an agreement among groups that firmly unites them. This is an invitation to be involved in a partnership with your child(s) school.

Commitment from Student:

I want to have a successful school experience, therefore I will:

  • Attend school regularly, on time, ready to learn and be willing to work hard
  • Be prepared for school each day with necessary materials, completed assignments, and homework
  • Respect myself, my school, my classmates, the school staff and my family
  • Believe that I can and will learn

Commitment from Home:

I want my child to have a successful school experience, therefore I will:

  • See that my child attends school regularly and is on time to school each day
  • Regularly monitor my child’s progress in school
  • Support the school and classroom discipline program
  • Establish a time and quiet workplace for homework and review it regularly
  • Read to my child and/or encourage him/her to read independently every day
  • Support my child’s efforts and celebrate my child’s learning
  • Participate at school in activities such as the PTA, Community Council, volunteering in the class, chaperoning field trips and special events, attending parent-teacher conferences, and/or attending school board meetings.
  • Communicate the importance of and respect for education
  • Respect the school, students, staff and family

Commitment from School:

We want our students to have a successful school experience, therefore we will:

  • Have high expectations, and help every child develop a love of learning
  • Solicit parent and community input regarding the education of the children it serves
  • Provide a challenging, safe, caring and inviting learning environment
  • Continue to acknowledge individual student accomplishments
  • Provide high-quality curriculum and instruction to address individual student needs
  • Provide reasonable and meaningful homework assignments to reinforce and extend learning
  • Provide assistance to parents so they can help their children with assignments and homework
  • Provide quality report cards and frequent progress reports (in person, on paper and online) throughout the year
  • Promote positive and open communication between home and school by;
  • Conducting parent-teacher conferences twice a year
  • Being available for conferences with parents upon request
  • Providing opportunities allowing parents to volunteer and observe in the classroom.
  • Participate in professional development opportunities that improve teaching and learning and support the formation of partnerships with families and the community.
  • Respect the school, students, staff and families