Dear McMillan Families,

I am awed by the care and consideration being expressed by our families right now and the level of enthusiasm for home-school collaboration using the hybrid learning model during the coming year. Of course, if the hybrid model is not what your family needs right now, please know that we will be here ready to welcome your child back five days a week in person as well if that is your choice.

To clarify hybrid registration: Please choose the ‘regular’ registration option on the district’s online registration link. If you have already registered and selected ‘online’ but wanted your child to be registered for the hybrid model at McMillan, please complete this form with your attendance preferences and we will take care of getting your name off of the list for the district program.

Hybrid schedules: The district form gives two options and a message to contact your principal with any alternate requests. Please know that we are fully committed to honoring a schedule that works for your family, do not hesitate to reach out with different schedule requests. We can accommodate as many or few days of in person or online learning as works for your family.

Schedule changes: If your needs change in the future and you would like to increase your number of days in person, we are asking for a two week notice so that we can update our contact tracing documents. If you want to decrease your days of physical enrollment, you can make that change at any time with a quick phone call, no notice required. The same applies for instances where a family might become ill or quarantined; access to online learning requires no waiting period!

Again, I cannot thank you enough for your support and encouragement of our amazing teachers, I know they have been missing the kids and are excited to begin school again in just a few weeks!

Hannah Dolata
Principal, McMillan Elementary

McMillan – Hybrid Learning Choice Form, ’20-’21