parking lot map

Parking Lot Directions

In the EAST parking lot, we ask all parents to follow the arrows on the pavement. There are three areas where the word “Stop” is painted. Please remember to stop at those lines. Sincer there are cars parked that may block your view, look carefully to be sure tha tyhou are clear before proceeding. If you are pulling into the student pick up loop near the school, please stay by the curb and then pull forward when there is a space. Please tell your children to wait on the curb until they can safely step into your car. Do not encourage them to leave the curb and come into the parking lot to enter your car unless you are by the curb. Parents should park and leave their car in the lane. If you must get out of your car, you must pull into a parking stall. As you exit the parking lot, please note that we have posted this exit as a “Right Turn Only.” We ask that you follow those guidelines. Trying to make a left turn creates backups in the parking lot and makes the process even longer.

There is also a path for students to walk from the K/1st grade area to the back playground. There is also a sidewalk on the east side of the driveway for students who are heading east to get home.

In the WEST parking lot it is very important that you watch very carefully for students entering the fenced area. You should enter from the south. It is imperative that you pull forward as far as possible as you enter and wait your turn to exit. Parents should not leave their car in the drop off/pick up lanes. Use a parking stall if you must get out of your car. There is no sign posting this area as a right turn only, however we feel that turning right onto Fashion Boulevard would alleviate some crowding in this area.

Our sixth grade students have been trained as Safety Patrol. Their job is to ensure that students stay out of hazardous areas in the parking lots, and that they follow the rules. They are not authorized to direct traffic in any way, but they will report the license plate of cars not following the posted signs. Please encourage your children to follow their directions. They will be identified by their sashes and badges.

Thank you for your help in following these guidelines.