It’s hard to believe we’re starting our final term of the school year. That means it’s time to start thinking about next year. The Murray City School District believes that through partnering with parents we are able to achieve the very best outcomes for students. With this in mind, we invite parents to notify the school of any special considerations and input regarding classroom placement for the 2019-2020 school year. Additional information about this and the form you will need to complete, due April 30, is available in the school office during the month of April.

Just FYI, teacher placements and number of classes will be as follows:

Kinder – (3-½ day sessions) – Mrs. Tovey, Mrs. Young

1st grade – (3 classes) – Mrs. Auwerda, Mrs. Reynolds/Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Jessop/TBA

2nd grade – (3 classes) – Mrs. Vuyk, Mrs. Walters, Mrs. Winn

3rd grade – (2 classes) – Mrs. Hall, Ms. Ogrin

4th grade – (2.5 classes) – Mrs. Baker, Ms. Athens (new), Mrs. Saltzman (4/5 combo)

5th grade – (2.5 classes) – Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. DeMann, Mrs. Saltzman (4/5 combo)

6th grade – (2 classes) – Mrs. Elder, Ms. Weiss

Magnet – (3 classes) – Mrs. Maughan (1/2), Mrs. Leishman (3/4), Mrs. Van Beekum (5/6)