McMillan has the best students ever!  They showed patience and perseverance throughout January as they spent the month completing mid-year assessments.  Although I don’t typically spend a lot of time discussing McMillan’s data in our Newsletter, our students and teachers deserve kudos for the school’s levels of proficiency and, more importantly, student growth as shown through last year’s end of year testing (final data just came out in December).

McMillan is typically high in both proficiency and growth.  However, we seemed to have leveled out over the past few years, so as a school, we made goals to achieve even higher levels of achievement and growth by focusing on writing, along with Math and Reading.  This past year we showed a break through, with growth and proficiency scores that reached the top 15% in the state!  (More information on an even greater award to come later.)

So, thank you for continuing to encourage and support your child(ren) and teachers in all they are doing.  Sometime is gets tough and testing seems “unending”, but perseverance is essential.  As you know, occasionally we have to remind our students that when life gets hard, keep trying, because “we can do hard things”.  Of course, we couldn’t do this without you.  Thank you for all you do for our children and for the support you give all of us at McMillan.

Mrs. Sanford