School Fees information

The Utah Constitution prohibits the charging of fees in elementary schools. That means that if your child is in kindergarten through sixth grade (even though the grade may be part of a middle school), you cannot be charged for textbooks, classroom equipment or supplies, musical instruments, field trips, assemblies, snacks (other than food provided through the School Lunch Program), or for anything else that takes place or is used during the regular school day.

If you wish to purchase school pictures, yearbooks, or similar items through the school, those costs are not fees and will not be waived. Also, if your student loses or damages school property, the costs of replacement or repair are not fees and need not be waived.

Federal law permits schools to charge for food or milk provided as part of the School Lunch Program. If you cannot afford to pay, you may be eligible for free or reduced price meals or milk. Your school will give you information about applying for free or reduced price meals and milk. All information which you provide in your application will be kept confidential.

State law and State Board of Education rules do not permit schools to charge fees for anything that takes place during the regular school day! Fees may only be charged for programs offered before or after school, or during school vacations. If your family’s assets do not exceed the statewide fee waiver asset limits and your child is eligible for free school lunch or receives SSI payments, or if you are receiving AFDC or if the child was placed in your home by the government as a foster child, the school must waive the fees. A school administrator may require your family to complete a Statewide Fee Waiver Assets Questionnaire even if you satisfy the income eligibility guidelines for fee waivers. The conclusion of this asset test may determine your student’s eligibility for fee waivers. If you are having financial emergency caused by job loss, major illness, or other substantial loss of income beyond your control, you might be eligible for a waiver even if other eligibility criteria are not met. If your local school board allows your school to charge fees, a Fee Waiver Application (Grades K-6) and, if required by your district, a Statewide Fee Waiver Assets Questionnaire, are enclosed. Your school will give you additional information about fee waivers if you ask.

School funds are limited, and your school may need help. As a result, the school may ask you for tax-deductible donations of school supplies, equipment, or money, but the school cannot require donations or tell anyone else the names of those who have or have not made donations (except that the school may honor those who make major donations). No child may be penalized for not making a donation. For example, if donations are used to pay for a field trip, every child must be allowed to go on the trip even though some may not have made a donation.

2005 Legislation, H.B. 183, requires schools or school districts to require DOCUMENTATION of fee waiver eligibility if parent must “apply for fee waivers.” Local boards will have policies and/or guidelines for determining eligibility for fee waivers.

School district administrators shall request documentation of fee waiver eligibility from those who apply for fee waivers if fees or charges are required for non-regular school day activities, such as after-school music or foreign language programs or ski programs.

Fee waiver eligibility documentation is NOT required annually. Also, documentation shall NOT be maintained for family privacy reasons. Schools may transfer fee waiver eligibility information to other schools to which students advance or transfer.

NOTE: If your district does not require parents in the entire district area or parents and students in specific schools or sections of the district to “apply for fee waivers,” district administrators NEED NOT require verification of eligibility under this section.

If you have questions, first talk to your school or school district representative listed below. If you still need help, contact one of the other agencies listed:

School telephone no.: 264-7430

Ask for: Mrs. Hannah Dolata

District telephone no.: 264-7400