Our goal at McMillan is that all students have a successful and meaningful school experience which includes a learning environment that is challenging, safe and enjoyable. To provide this experience, students will be expected to follow our

School-wide Rules: Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe.

Students will be given instructions in the first days of school about these rules and how these rules “look” in our various school setting. Classroom teachers will each have their own set of rules/expectation which correlate with our school wide rules.

In an effort to maintain a meaningful learning environment, students will receive a number of positive consequences for following our school wide and classroom rules (additionally, teachers will have their own incentive and reward programs in their classrooms):

Positive Consequences:

  • Red Tickets for being caught doing well – these tickets will go into a weekly drawing for students to end up on our weekly bulletin
  • Our “special” blue tickets which go onto our Principals 200 club and can earn a student a special field trip out with the Principal
  • A school-wide reward once our red ticket bucket is filled
  • Positive office referrals/post cards home
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Positive call home


In situations where a students has moved through their classroom discipline procedures due to inappropriate or disruptive behavior which impacts the learning and/or safety of others, the following disciplinary action may take place:

Think time:

Students will be given a “think time”. During this time, students will be asked to go to another classroom to complete a form regarding their behavior choices. Parents will be notified of this “think time” by being asked to sign and return the “think time sheet” to school.

Parent Conference:

Parents may be asked to come and conference with the teacher and student based on frequency and severity of behaviors. Only the Principal or Principal Designee may suspend a student. Parents will be required to conference with the Principal prior to the student returning to school.

School Counselor Referral:

Students may be referred to the School Counselor to learn skills which may assist the student in changing his/her behavior. Parents will be notified and permission must be granted prior to the Counselor working with students.

Behavior Contract:

Based on the frequency and severity of behaviors, the student may be put on a behavior contract which will be developed by the teacher, school counselor, administration and parent.

Office Referral:

An automatic office referral will be made in situations where the safety of the student or others is compromised, such as bring a weapon or facsimile of a weapon to school, fighting or aggressive physical/verbal contact, vandalism, leaving school grounds, sexual harassment, and/or threat of physical harm. An office referral may also be made if the student has received 3 or more “think times” in a year.

Should a student receive a “think time” or other disciplinary action, the following corrective consequences may occur:

  • Think Time form (every time)
  • Reteach of rules/expectations, likely during a recess or student free time
  • Silent lunch/Time in during recess
  • Parent Phone call
  • Loss of in class privilege or school privilege

All Individual Student Behavior Plans supersede this school wide behavior plan.