The following is a summary of Murray School District Policy PS 437 concerning student medication.


  1. Elementary students will not be allowed to carry any medications at any time, except for self-administered inhaled asthma medication, insulin pumps, and insulin pens.
  2. Upon receipt by the school principal of a signed “Student Medication Authorization Form” provided by the school office, the principal will provide a safe place where the medication is stored for use by the student. Signatures are required from both the parent/guardian and the physician prescribing the medication.
  3. The prescription medication must be in the original container with the pharmacy label attached providing the date the medication was dispensed as well as the name, address, and phone number of the pharmacy.
  4. All over-the-counter medication must contain instructions and a signature from the attending physician, written consent to dispense the medication from the parent/guardian. Such medication must be delivered to the school by the parent/guardian.
  5. The school will not accept or dispense any medication delivered to the school by the student.
  6. No changes in the dosage or medication will be allowed unless authorized in writing by the physician. The authorization must be dated and signed by the prescribing physician and include any instructions necessary for administering the medication.
  7. All medication shall be furnished by the parent/guardian without any cost to the District or district personnel.
  8. If the parent/guardian of or the student’s physician cannot be contacted in an emergency developing under this policy, school personnel will contact emergency personnel, and then notify the District Office.
  9. All medication delivered to the School pursuant to this Student Medication Policy that remains in the possession of the School, must be reclaimed by the parent or legal guardian by the last day of the school year. No unused medication will be released to the student. The school secretary will notify parents by phone one week prior to the last day of school to pick-up unused medication. All unclaimed medication shall be destroyed by the principal.


Students are permitted to possess and self-administer inhaled asthma medication only under the following conditions:

  • The student’s parent/guardian provides written authorization and an acknowledgment that the student is responsible for and capable of self-administering the inhaled asthma medication on a form provided by the Utah Department of Health and USOE.
  • The student’s health care provider provides a written statement indicating it is medically appropriate for the student to self-administer inhaled asthma medication and to be in possession of an inhaled asthma medication at all times on a form provided by the Utah Department of Health and USOE.