Elementary students will be allowed to charge up to $ 6.00 total for Breakfast and Lunch, for emergency purposes only!

A student with a negative balance of $ 6.00 or more will be offered a Deficit Breakfast Snack for a cost of .35 cents or a Deficit Lunch Snack for .75 cents. (Prices are subject to change.) Due to the account charges accumulating, students with negative balances greater than $ 9.00 will be denied meals until payment is received. The Lunch Secretary will make every effort to contact you by letter or phone to bring the account to current.

Deficit notices are sent to parents of students who have a negative account balance. Please note the date on the notice. The amount listed will bring the student’s account current only to that date. The amount paid after the date on the deficit note should reflect meals charged since the notice was sent and include payments for future meals as well.

From May 1st through the end of the school year, students will not be allowed to charge Breakfast or Lunch. If a student does not have enough to cover the cost of the meal, they will not be allowed to eat. Please make every effort to ensure that your student has money in their meal account.

You are now able to pay for your student’s school lunch online with an e-check or credit card!

For first-time registration, access the Murray School District website ( and follow the instructions (for to pay for your child’s lunch online. When registering a student you must fill in the Student ID to ensure payment is applied to the correct student. The ID number is the same as your student currently uses when getting lunch at school. There is a $ 1.00 fee for every transaction.

IMPORTANT- It will take 1 day before payment is posted to your child’s lunch account! Payments made online in the morning are not posted until the next day. Because of this delay, please make sure there is always enough money in the account so your child can eat lunch. If the balance is negative, payment for lunch will need to be brought to school that day. Online payments made the evening before (until midnight) will show up in the account before lunch time the next day.