In compliance with the Utah State Board of Education model policy for libraries and Murray City School District IN303 Library Policy, purchasing resources for the school library is an ongoing process that reflects a diversity of ideas and adheres to the law.  In selecting materials, the librarian shall: create a collection that reflects a diversity of ideas and perspectives, consider materials suggested by students, parents/guardians, and faculty, and create a collection that adheres to the law.  As part of the policy, Librarians notify parents/guardians of the material being considered for the library for 30 days.  If you have feedback on the books being considered for purchase, you can send that directly to the librarian at If a parent/guardian expresses concern about the material, a committee of at least three librarians will consider the concerns and decide whether the material follows Utah Law and if the material constitutes sensitive material consistent with Utah Code 53G-10-103.  Parents will be contacted regarding their written comments.

The books for consideration for purchase for McMillan Elementary can be found at this link.  Send feedback directly to