Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right.

Students must conform to established rules of behavior and regulations governing students on buses. Failure of students to follow the bus driver’s directions or instructions could very well result in loss of privilege to ride the bus to school. Due process is provided to any student who is denied riding privileges due to a breach of conduct.

Transporting students safely to and from school is a major focus of Murray School District. In order to transport students in a safe manner the State of Utah and Murray School District have developed rules for riding school buses in the district. Please take time to review these rules with your children before the first day of school so all students may ride safely.

  1. Students are expected to be at the bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the bus arrival. In fairness to other students, buses cannot wait for students who are late.
  2. Students are expected to go promptly to the bus after school. Seven minutes is allowed for loading and then the bus must leave in order to stay on schedule.
  3. By law, students must remain in their seats at all times.
  4. The bus cannot start moving until all students are safely in their seats.
  5. All students’ feet should be on the floor, not on the seats. Students should not stand on bus seats, nor stand on the back of seats.
  6. Eating or drinking on the bus is not allowed. Our buses are cleaned daily and we try hard to keep them looking good. Drinks and treats cause hours of additional work for bus drivers to clean their buses.
  7. Keep arms, hands, elbows, and heads inside the bus at all times. Do not yell or shout inside or outside the bus. Throwing things out the bus windows is against the law.
  8. Do not destroy bus seats. It is very costly to replace seats in buses. Students caught doing damage to seats will be required to pay for the damage or repair.
  9. If the driver assigns a seat to a disruptive student the student must remain there until the bus driver gives approval to move somewhere else. Failure to obey the bus driver is just like disobeying a teacher or principal. Students will be denied the privilege to ride the bus if disruptive behavior persists.
  10. Students should not stand on the steps while the bus is in motion. The engine cover is off limits to students.
  11. Buses will stop only at authorized stops. Please do not ask drivers to make exceptions.
  12. In order to insure the safety of all students, the following items are not allowed on buses:
  13. *Animals (dead or alive), *fire arms, *skis, *knives, *skate boards, *roller blades, *weapons, *breakable containers, *flammables, *explosives of any type or any other article which could adversely affect the safety of the bus and passengers.
  14. Parents will be informed if problems develop with their children. A District Secretary will contact parents regarding discipline issues on the buses. If problems persist a BUS VIOLATION NOTICE will be issued to the student. This violation notice with parent’s signature must be returned to the bus driver before student is allowed to continue riding the bus.